In Plenicidad, we understand the benefits that Mindfulness has for you, for society and for the world in general. Therefore, we want to reach more people and make it easier for everyone to experience it in their lives.

During this intensive day at Plenicidad, you will put techniques into practice that will allow you to connect first hand with the meaning of Mindfulness, learning how you can improve your day to day and until the end the program.

Do you have Saturday free? Do you want to take care of yourself and connect with yourself?
This is the program that’s made for you.


  • People who want to experience what Mindfulness means in everyday life and start benefiting from their practice.
  • Those who are looking for an introduction to the concepts, techniques and exercises of Mindfulness.
  • Those who need a day of self-care and disconnection from the rest of the world and to connect with themselves.
  • Those who want to dedicate time to explore themselves, and to stop, at least for one day.
  • Those who want to experience Mindful eating (conscious food).


  • To observe how the mind works and how it can generate more stress.
  • Learn to respond to the demands of the environment.
  • Be able to stop, observe and give an adequate response to stimuli.
  • Become aware of the interaction between the mind and the body and its influence on psychological well-being.
  • Connect and be completely attentive in the here and now.
  • Identify ways to eat more consciously.


  • Eight hours of practice, where there is continuous interaction between the facilitator and the attendees.
  • A healthy lunch in the afternoon.
  • All the materials you need for the day. You just have to come, comfortably dressed.
  • A practical guide to continue your journey after our day together.
  • The audios and videos you need to continue the journey.
  • Small groups for more personalised attention

in 1 day

Date: 10th February, 2018

Place: Hotel Palacio del Retiro
Calle Alfonso XII, 14
28014 Madrid

Price: €180

* We remind you that at least 3% of the price paid for our services will be donated to non-profit organisations such as UNHCR or Unicef.

Workshop designed for small groups. Limited places.