Do you find it difficult to relax and be yourself in social or professional situations?
Do you want to know how your posture affects how you think and what you do?
Do you want to explore your acting potential and how it can help you in life?
Would you like to learn Mindfulness in a playful environment and with have a bit of a laugh?

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”
Tony Robbins.

Experiential communication course with mindfulness and theatre techniques

If you want to learn mindfulness and theatre techniques that assist you in your day to day, in a playful environment and have a laugh, this day of expression is what you were looking for.
Mindfulness, as awareness and the ability to be present in the present moment, without making judgments of these moments, is our focus for the day.

Theatre on the other hand, is art in action. You will be provided with a safe, secure environment to act or to stop acting.

This day is designed for people who do not have prior knowledge of mindfulness or theatre. We are all beginners, come just as you are!


  • To learn mindfulness practices that allow you to recognise thoughts, emotions and feelings.
  • Understand yourself and others better.
  • Security and trust within a group.
  • Understanding of emotions and empathy.
  • Improve our verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Improve the ability to adapt to unanticipated situations.


  • Eight hours of practice and interaction with the facilitators and the rest of the attendees.
  • All the materials you need for the day. You just have to come, comfortably dressed.
  • Small groups for more personalised attention
  • A space in which to work with the best views of Madrid and easy to reach
  • The satisfaction of contributing to those in need through our social work.

José Santiago

Engineer, actor and trainer. He combines his acting work (theatre, film, TV, advertising) with training for companies such as ACCOR, NORMAN BROADBENT, TALENGO, and more, helping people overcome communication barriers and developing social skills to achieve self-confident posture, over the last 10 years.

Estela Quesada Zuheros

Director of Plenicidad. She combines her work as a Mindfulness and Personal Development coach with her HR consulting experience at IBM.
Regarding training, it is worth mentioning:
MBSR Fundamentals and MBSR Mind-Body Medicine at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts
Exp. Univ. In Mindfulness (UCM). Advanced Degree In Personal Development and Leadership (URJC).
Coaching for Personal and Professional Development in ID.

Location – Boulevard30

Enjoy wonderful views of Madrid in this special place on the main street of the city, Gran Vía.

Expressive Plenicidad

Date: 29th September, 2018

Place: In the centre of Madrid

Price: €180

* We remind you that at least 3% of the price paid for our services will be donated to non-profit organisations such as UNHCR or Unicef.

Workshop designed for small groups.

Limited places.