“Happiness achieved through the practice of mindfulness”

To grow, look nowhere else than where you are right now.  With that in mind, Plenicidad was born based on the principles of MBI (Mindfulness-based Interventions). In the rapidly changing and constantly demanding environment we live in, both in organisations and in the world in general, it is necessary to slow down.

We know that it is possible to introduce the ‘being’ into a world of ‘doing’

When space is given to the Self, wonderful things happen. All of a sudden, we are more productive, we are happy with the simplest and most common things, our relationships with others improve, we get to know ourselves better, we discover a new world, new opportunities, we understand our purpose, our direction, we choose to see the glass half full, and to sow the seeds for what we want to see grow within us.

The Path of Plenicidad

Our mission is to facilitate everyone to reach their full potential.

Plenicidad will help you discover a way of life that we all can achieve, it allows us to transform from suffering into a way of living that make us feel more fulfilled and happier. We all have unique abilities, and abilities that allow us to shine. We also know that the road never ends, that we can always improve, and that everything is easier when you’re accompanied on that road by the right people. With techniques and methodologies such as Mindfulness and Coaching, along with other tried-and-trusted methodologies, we make it work for you.

Plenicidad as a Community

An individual’s isolated happiness is never fulfilling.

From here, we encourage you to share the journey while we discover our potential and that of those around us. Our aspiration is to be a community, a space of growth for all, where we seek to integrate essential human qualities such as compassion, equivalence and a sense of interconnectedness.