What about you? Who do you shower with?

I think that everyone would agree with me when I say that having a shower is a private moment, and it’s not something that you would share with just anyone. Correct? Well, even though this is the theory, in practice it couldn’t be further from the truth, 99% of the time we don’t shower alone.

I have found myself having a shower with my own problems, with my boss, with work colleagues, with things that upset me, with what’s going to happen, with the things that depress me about what has happened… and even in some cases with my deepest hopes and dreams. It’s interesting when you realise that it is happening.

With the busy lives that we lead I invite you to try meditation in the shower. This could include practices that in mindfulness we call informal practices.

Showering is one of the most simple, efficient and quick ways to relax your body and mind, at the same time as recharging your battery.

When you have a shower I suggest that you take one or two of the following points and apply them.


1. Be aware that you are showering.

Yes, it’s simple isn’t it? Sometimes you only realise that you were having a shower when you’re drying yourself.

2. Watch the water falling over your body

You can take note of the temperature, the amount of water, the pressure or the sensation of it on your body.

3. Smell the shower gel and shampoo and be aware of how you are applying them.

Maybe you’ll realise that you always start from the bottom upwards or from the top down, that you always hold the sponge in your right hand, or any other detail.

4. Pay attention to the sensations in your body.

5. Take note of the thoughts that come in to your mind.

6. How do you dry yourself? Take note of your thoughts and sensations whilst you do it.

Bit by bit, you can choose more elements of your daily shower and pay attention to each one of them. The aim is to make sure this, so very private moment, is a moment that you dedicate to yourself, to your own personal care and that you include this mindfulness practice in your daily routine. Only share your shower when want to 😉


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